bespoke cabins

bespoke cabin design

Do you have an exact cabin in mind, but you can’t find it in the marketplace? Do you have exact specifications but you don’t know which cabins/layout would be suitable?

If you can’t find it, we will create it!

Let our army of suppliers do what they do best, once we have established your requirements, we will get to work finding the right supplier for the task in hand.

Sit back, relax and let us bring the options to you!

bespoke container design

Here at Cabin Solutions Limited we specialise in container conversion and know that every enquiry is unique; we also know how difficult it is to gather information from the endless number of suppliers out there.

Maybe you’re looking for the perfect welfare or accommodation unit, or maybe you’re looking for a functional toilet block. Whatever it is you are looking for, let us find the solution.

We will use our industry knowledge along with our trusted supplier network to find the best product we can, if the exact cabin doesn’t exist, we will create it for you! By speaking to the industry experts in this field we will guide you through the process, safe in the knowledge you will get not only the best quality product but the best price and the most realistic lead time.

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