Containers in Newcastle

When it comes to finding alternatives for industrial and building requirements, shipping containers in Newcastle often emerge as a brilliant economical and environmental substitute. Shipping containers are the ideal companion for enterprises in a variety of sectors, providing adaptable solutions and a large selection of sizes. 

At Cabin Solutions, our team specialises in offering both new and used shipping containers for sale in Newcastle, offering you both functionality and customisation that is tailored to your unique requirements. 

Whether you need extra storage space, a workshop, an office, or a specialised facility, our experts can help you create a durable and efficient space that meets your needs. 

Whether it’s a 10ft container, a 20ft container or a 40ft container, our experts can guide you through the process, providing you with the best containers for sale in Newcastle. 

Moreover, reusing old shipping containers lowers waste and carbon emissions, making them a wise decision for companies that care about their environmental impact.

Our team of professionals also have years of experience and competence in converting shipping containers for various industrial uses, making us a reliable supplier of containers for sale in Newcastle. 

We are equipped with the know-how to manage every step of the conversion process, from selecting the right-sized container to creating a final product that meets your particular requirements. 

Some of our shipping container conversions are converted from new ‘one trip’ shipping containers, ensuring we cater to a wider demand for newer products. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every aspect of the shipping container conversion meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

So whether you’re looking to expand your industrial operations, create a new workspace, or upgrade your existing facilities, our steel shipping container conversions can help you achieve your goals. 

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The Features of Our Containers in Newcastle

Customise Layout

Cabin Solutions offers shipping containers for sale in Newcastle that can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. You can select the number and dimensions of rooms, interior design and equipment to give you maximum flexibility and adaptability.

Cost-effective Solution

Our used shipping containers are a cost-effective temporary structure. They are sourced by us and delivered to the requested location, saving time, labour and materials costs. This is especially useful for construction projects that need a flexible solution. The size of our containers varies from 10ft, 20ft or 40ft, and can be stacked to maximise space.

Sustainable Options

Our refurbished and used shipping containers for sale in Newcastle are made with recycled or sustainable materials to help reduce the impact of the project on the environment. As a more cost-effective option than buying new, we can paint your containers before delivery to give them a new lease of life.

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The Features of Our Containers For Sale in Newcastle: Customisations and Modifications

Depending on the particular requirements of the project, industrial container conversions can involve a wide range of customisations and changes. Here are a few examples of what they could consist of:

1. Insulation

In order to make the container as comfortable as possible, insulation is usually applied to the container’s walls, ceiling and floor. This helps to control the temperature inside the container and stops condensation from forming. 

When applicable, we can also offer Grafotherm – a foam spray that can be applied to the inside of the container to prevent items being affected by moisture.

2. Electrical and Plumbing

Our shipping container conversions can be fitted with electrical wiring and plumbing to provide the necessary infrastructure for lighting, heating, cooling and running water. This may include installing outlets and light fixtures, as well as adding water and drainage lines. 

Moreover, our used shipping containers in Newcastle offer electric outlets for plugs and lighting. If you are interested in sustainable options, our magnetic lights won’t disappoint you as they can be stuck onto the metal roof or sides and they are rechargeable, making them an affordable option. 

3. Custom Doors and Windows

To create an inviting and functional space, custom doors and UPVC windows can be installed to provide natural light and ventilation, as well as easy access to the interior. 

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If you’re looking for welfare units to buy, our units are equipped with power generators that significantly help in energy efficiency. When it comes to cabins for sale, we have a vast selection of sustainable options that will also help reduce your carbon footprint.

4. Specialised Equipment

Industrial container conversions can also include specialised equipment that is tailored to the specific needs of the project. This might include things like machinery, storage systems or safety features like PIR sensors.

5. Custom Interiors

The interior of the container can be customised to suit the intended use of the space. This might include built-in cabinets and shelving, flooring options, and partition walls.

6. Exterior Modifications

To match the aesthetics of the surrounding environment or to meet specific regulations, the exterior of the container may be modified. This might include painting or cladding.

Our new, one-trip shipping containers are highly customisable and adaptable to meet the unique needs of a wide range of projects and industries, from construction to hospitality and retail. 

Moreover, we repurpose used shipping containers by painting them and giving them a new lease of life, making them an affordable and sustainable option.

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Why Choose Cabin Solutions?

At Cabin Solutions, our experts understand that finding the right cabin for your specific needs can be a frustrating task. That’s where our services step in to assist you in finding the ideal solution for all your cabin-related requirements. 

Whether you’re looking to buy used shipping containers in Newcastle or sell a cabin, our professionals are well-equipped to handle all your queries. With our extensive industry knowledge and vast database of contacts, we can connect you with the right suppliers or buyers to ensure a seamless and stress-free process.

If you require a bespoke cabin design, we can help you create a customised solution. Our team has years of experience in designing and constructing customised solutions for a range of applications, from industrial and commercial to residential and recreational.

At Cabin Solutions, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach and commitment to customer satisfaction. We strive to provide our clients with all the information they need to make an informed decision and ensure they are completely satisfied with their site accommodation, welfare unit, modular office spaces and more.

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